About Us

I am Les Khan an adult basic numeracy specialist. As a result of a career change I elected to teach within a further education setting, focusing upon teaching numeracy.

As a consequence, I was astounded to find a disproportionate number of school leavers who were barely numerate. Sadly, this fact was not confined to the educational establishment where I was employed but one that is a national problem and that has yet to be adequately addressed.

Inheriting these students presented a ‘contact time’ challenge and a
conundrum of how to provide the ‘underpinning knowledge’ for numeracy without relying on methods that had been previously so ineffective.

Subsequently, I developed and tested a range of kinaesthetic techniques for basic maths on my classes of ‘foundation level’ students. As a result my learners have consistently surpassed national numeracy benchmark achievement rates for ‘entry level 3, level 1 and level 2’. Consequently, many of those students have gone on to attend and successfully complete vocational courses with some obtaining apprenticeships and others obtaining full employment.

Using kinaesthetic techniques, derived from ancient Indian, Korean and Chinese techniques, I have developed an effective strategy to teach and support students with their basic numeracy skills. These interlinked kinaesthetic techniques are delivered as interactive demonstrations and then applied to consolidate learning outcomes within numeracy sessions. The use of these interlinked kinaesthetic techniques has proved to be highly effective in improving the achievements rates of NEET type students i.e. those school leavers who are not in education, employment or training.

In addition Deaf students who have been exposed to the strategies have also engaged, succeeded and achieved with these techniques due to the appeal to their preferred learning style…..Visual!

The interlinked strategies for numeracy have been applied to a range of vocational courses within further educational provisions and consequently improved the numeracy achievement rates of learners on those courses.

Les Khan

Managing Director