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We offer CPD to train your teachers/trainers in the kin-aesthetic strategies we have developed.

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We have developed a workbook for your learners to complete that helps to consolidate learning and reinforce the kin-aesthetic strategies we have developed.

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Helping Adults to improve their numeracy or maths skills is one of the biggest challenges we all face in education today. For years adults have avoided undertaking even simple numeracy tasks, have come up with creative ways to deal with a challenging maths problem or have simply just declared that they are 'no good at maths.'nnThis resource approaches maths in an adult centered style that is simple to use and equips the user with a wealth of tips and strategies to overcome many of the familiar problems adults encounter.nnWhether you need to carry out calculations using long division, multiplication using decimal points or work with fractions this resource will help tutors and learners to develop strategies and practice simple techniques to overcome these problems.nnThis resource can be used as a stand-alone document to use in learning centres or colleges or would be a valuable resource to be used by teachers and lecturers delivering formal sessions with adults undertaking functional skills maths programmes or fresher maths training.nnWithin the area of union learning this resource would be a valuable asset to union learning representatives to use with their members as part of both formal and informal approaches to learning.nnI would recommend anyone has a look at this resource I can guarantee that you will find at least one tip that will help you improve your numeracy skills.
Tony Saunders
Regional Education Officer / Trades Union Congress
I would like to thank Les Khan of Anacapa Academy for the time he gave me today at our meeting. Your ideas and kinaesthetic maths book fill me with excitement to work with my students next week. This resource is invaluable and a must have for any teacher, who is teaching maths to our children at a lower level. I can see that using this book will enhance my student's ability, giving them the confidence to succeed, when they thought they would fail. Amazing!
June Barker
Head of The Contingency Team at Lever Park Special SEMH Academy
As an author on a recently published book on education (Multiculturalism, Higher Education and Intercultural Communication, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) and, more specifically, as (1) a published researcher of over 25 peer reviewed papers on young adults who have experienced difficulties while learning at secondary schools, and (2) a person who has been involved in school social work, teaching and lecturing for over 25 years, I would like to fully recommend the work undertaken by Anacapa Academy to teach mathematics. The approach that Anacapa Academy has evolved is one that has an impressive success rate in examinations; and equally as importantly (and in my opinion more importantly), something that students find both challenging and enjoyable. I would particularly recommend the materials of Anacapa Academy for those students who find difficulties in learning mathematics in conventional ways.
Damien Spiteri

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